Gettin' into the swing!

Really excited for the 2018 season. Lots of new projects on the horizon and many things look forward to. Last weekend was my birthday, and there was just so much going on that I can't put it all into one post. Aleady in February, I am feeling just a little bit squeezed. There have been 3 or 4 photo projects since I last posted a few weeks ago.

I'll try to hit some quick posts to get caught up, but today I wanted to post a few shots from last weekend. I had the pleasure of getting back on the water with the CIPA, and special guests Guillaume Néry, Julie Gautier, and Patrick Poggi were there, along with some of my friends and acquaintances. For those of you in Nice, Julie will be featuring her latest short film next week. It is called AMA, and you should check out her work.

I have been using more red filters lately, and this weekend, finally got to try out my Magic Filters ( I was using the standard red M77 gel filter with holder with my Nikon 10-24mm and manual white balance - the camera doesn't work well at all with the filter and Auto White Balance, but it is actually a really simple matter to set it manually. I think I will master that part pretty quickly.

The results have been really impressive. I got some pretty solid shots, even in tough conditions. It was cloudy outside, and visibility was low. I am pretty impressed at how the colors pop and the increase in contrast in the base image. If I could have pushed the ISO even lower in better light, I might have even had some better RAW files that I could have squeezed even more detail out of.

Overall very impressed, and I am excited to be able to leave my strobes behind when shooting landscape style underwater photos close to the surface. Just one more arrow in my quiver of photo techniques!

#Villefranche #RedFilters #Nikon #Nauticam #MagicFilters #CIPA

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