First freedive photo course!

Wow. What a weekend. It was action-packed with lots of interesting moments.

First off, I conducted my first ever freediving photo course, with my good friend Anne. It was a pretty gruelling weekend with about 8 hours of theory and instruction, and some cold, cold time spent in the water putting everything to the test.

I was heartened to hear that she really appreciated the course, and she even told me that the training really helped her unlock her potential. After the initial success, we will be scheduling more courses in the upcoming months with Chango Diving in Villefranche. Dates will be announced soon!

I also got to take a few shots myself during the weekend. We saw a lot of different critters, especially a large population of Rhizostome jellyfish.

I also got some fun photos of our fellow divers.

It was my first test with my new Nikon camera, red filters, and natural light. Between the overcast conditions, the low visibility, the COLD (numb hands and feet cold), and the fact that my own photos were not my primary focus, I am pretty happy with the output.

Oh yeah, and we say dolphins from the boat on teh way back to port. Really nice bonus.

Next week should be fun, I will be doing a little scuba work with strobes, and I should have a pretty big personal benchmark coming up in a few days. I don't want to spoil it, so stay tuned!

#Photocourse #Rhizostome #underwaterphotography #Phototraining #lowlight #jellyfish

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